Agricola Norrito srl is a young firm founded conceived by people who have placed agriculture as the main element of a global economy by perceiving it as a source of huge social and economic potentialities.

The firm is located in the town of Campobello di Mazara (TP prov.), which represents, along with Castelvetrano and Partanna, the core of the  table olives and oil  production in Western Sicily, with over 15.000 ectares of olive groves. 

The extra virgin olive oil is an exceptional versatility product. Known throughout the Mediterranean basin, it has been representing an irreplaceable food and a precious ally for the health for generations, and now it’s being appreciated throughout the world thanks to its nutritive characteristics, healthy effects and organoleptic features.

OLIÁTO grows out of  wholesome olive milling. The intact olives are handpicked, when they are not ripe yet, from the best olive groves within Castelvetrano, Partanna and Castelvetrano’s area.
An accurate attention is devoted to the collection process (at the beginning of the veraison),transportation(in aired and rigid containers), the washing process and to the eventual cold milling process which takes place within the firm by 24 hours from the harvest collection. The product coming from the last process has fruity taste with a very low oleic acidity level. After the sedimentation period in vacuum-sealed stainless steel silos, the oil is bottled right before being shipped.  

Our business strategy?
From producer to consumer

The main goal of our firm is to address our outstanding product to the final consumer ( in order to break the long chain which makes consumer prices expensive), with a very high quality guarantee, the certainty of a non-industrial product (the product is gotten out of a mixture of different kinds of oils coming from non European countries as well, in order to break the prices to be competitive within the market) and the reliable Sicilian origin. Guarantees only the producer can offer the consumer.

Guarantees and certainty that only the producer can offer the consumer.