Extra virgin olive oil - 0,50 lt (17 oz)

Production Area
The area of Castelvetrano, Campobello di Mazara, Partanna, and is one of the few examples in the world for the homogeneity of the climatic and varietal characteristics.
The variety and climatic conditions have allowed the development of a native cultivar, the Nocellara Belice, that only in this environment carries out all of its productive potential.

Manufacturing technology
The collection is hand-picked with a continuous cold extraction process 

Organoleptic characteristics
color: deep green with golden shades
odor: intense fruity with pronunced notes of fresh grass, artichoke and tomato
taste: fruity notes of olive oil and a robust aromatic texture . The strong and spicy flavor is balanced with the pleasant bitterness
The oil is characterized by low acidity (0,20-0,5%), by an excellent preservation, by a fruity olive oil flavor and a strong aromatic texture.

Recommended use
Uncooked with  vegetables, salads, vegetables, soups, fish;
cooked with roasted meat, fish, sauces and pastries.